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DKL Metals said it is the only UK licensed manufacturer of SN100C lead-free solder, E-Qual 97TSC (SAC305) lead-free solder, and E-Qual 96TSC (SAC387) lead-free solder.

A variety of similar products to SN100C are being promoted as fully compatible with existing baths of SN100C, said DKL.

All of these alloys contain additional alloying elements to the SNCuNiGe mix, none of which have any long-term user or reliability data to support their claims, nor any pedigree user lists.

When SN100C was being developed, many other elements were looked at and rejected as having potential issues in long-term reliability and soldering uniformity.

DKL Metals is the UK and Ireland licensed manufacturer for Nihon Superior’s SN100C stabilised tin-copper-nickel+ germanium eutectic lead-free alloy system, with access to its global technical network.

SN100C has been in commercial production of printed circuit boards for more than 10 years, and SN100CL in hot air levelling for more than five years.

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