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DLoG has unveiled the DLoG ITC 7 industrial computer, a 15in touch-screen ‘thin client’ PC for data acquisition in assembly and manufacturing.

It is suitable for applications where ‘flat installations’ are needed to save space, and for IT technical implementation options for machine terminals.

The ITC 7 combines the advantages of a robust industrial PC with the low TCO of classical ‘thin clients’.

It is designed for reliable operation in rough environments at low operating costs.

The Intel Celeron M-based system with 15in touch-screen is protected against vibrations and against dirt and water to IP 54.

The ITC 7 comes with a depth of 70mm and allows quick access to the housing-protected interfaces.

Thanks to the easy-access service lid, access to the service USB interface of an installed ITC 7 is simple and secure.

USB devices, such as memory sticks or input devices, can be used quickly and in a straightforward manner.

Even access to the Compact-Flash card is effortless.

Data can be transferred in a very short time or the system can be configured using a USB keyboard.

Implementing the DLoG ITC 7 allows robust and efficient systems for the entire chain of data acquisition, visualisation and communication in assembly and manufacturing.

The DLoG ITC 7 device series is available from the first quarter of 2009.

Test devices are available now.

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