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CNCMI has selected the compact DMC-2153 five-axis Ethernet motion controller from Galil Motion Control to ensure precision and speed of its VLF waterjet cutters.

CNC Machines International’s (CNCMI) VLF series is a high-performance waterjet cutter that can precisely cut and inlay intricate logos into carpet and turf.

A representative from CNCMI said: ‘Waterjet cutters like our VLF system need to keep the water stream tangent to the material for precise cuts.

‘This rotary water axis must be kept tangent to the XY motion at all times.

‘A unique feature of the machine is that it allows a bevel cut to be specified up to 45 degrees.

‘Bevel cutting is useful in carpet cutting when fitting a logo cutout into the base.

‘A straight-edge cut would allow the logo to fall straight through the base material.’ The DMC-2153 easily handles the motion required by the application: the XY axes control the linear and circular patterns (rack and pinion), the Z-axis controls the height of the water jet and the Y-axis controls two motors for gantry function.

The fifth or rotary axis controls the motion of the water jet stream by keeping it in tangent to the XY motion to maintain precision cutting.

In addition to tangential motion, the DMC-2153 handles constant velocity, slaving and linear and circular interpolation.

As is common with computer numerical control (CNC) machines, the VLF reads G-codes to enact motion.

To accommodate this, CNCMI specified the Mach3 graphical user interface from Artsoft to translate the G-codes into motion commands for the Galil controller.

The software performs all calculations for precise control of up to six simultaneous axes using a trajectory planner that feeds the Galil controller a series of linear interpolation commands that are 4msec apart.

The Mach3 software also comes with ready-made drivers for Galil controllers, which reduce set-up time.

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