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At Mach 2010, DMG will exhibit its entry-level DMC 635 V eco vertical machining centre, which is effective at dissipating energy and dampening unwanted mechanical vibrations.

DMG will also exhibit lathes and other machining centres at the event.

The DMC 635 V eco vertical machining centre features an 8,000rev/min spindle with 82Nm torque, a 20-pocket SK 40 tool magazine with double gripper for short changeover times of only 1.6 seconds, and dynamic-axis drives of up to 25m/min.

It has a working volume of 635 x 510 x 460mm.

The machine is based on a sturdy, cast-iron C-frame that is effective at dissipating energy and dampening unwanted mechanical vibrations.

The table helps to provide rigidity and precision, which are further promoted by roller guideways in all axes and three-point machine support.

The latter also shortens and simplifies initial start-up.

Touch probing of workpiece and tools, an NC dividing head as a fourth axis, and CAT 40 or BT 40 spindles can all be specified.

In addition, DMG offers two option packages.

The chip-disposal package includes a chip conveyor, cleaning spray gun and a four-colour indicator lamp for higher production environments.

The precision package includes Z-axis thermal compensation, linear-scale positional feedback in all axes and a Blum laser for integrated tool measuring.

Control is provided by a Heidenhain TNC 620 digital drive CNC system with shop-floor-oriented programming capability and visual simulation of workpiece machining on the 15in (381mm) screen.

Features include free contour programming and measuring cycles for workpiece alignment.

The 100BaseT Ethernet interface can quickly download externally prepared programs.

The control offers special functions, such as dynamic look-ahead, and algorithms for jerk limitation and intelligent motion control, designed to produce optimal five-axis machining results.

It also has DMG’s Smartkey built in, which offers a wide range of options, such as personalised user authorisation with customisable access rights and individualised preparation of the control.

The DMU-P Series of machining centres provides high productivity rates, top precision and superior surface quality and contour accuracy of the machined workpiece.

The latest addition is the DMU80P Duoblock five-sided/five-axis model, which provides 800mm of travel in X, Y and Z.

An impressive 0.6G acceleration to 60m/min rapid traverse in all axes and short chip-to-chip times of up to 4.5 seconds between tools ensures short idle times and high productivity.

The thermo-symmetrical design is based on the Duoblock concept, which consists of two sturdy cast-iron blocks, three guideways in the X-axis for stability and three-point support of the machine bed, which allows fast commissioning.

The moving mass has been reduced to optimise dynamic response.

Fourth and fifth axes are provided by a B-axis on the spindle head and a rotary table.

There are various motor spindle options, one of which is the 5X Torquemaster, which provides simultaneous five-axis machining at high torques up to 1,100Nm.

The DMU80P has been designed for minimum lubrication and is eminently suited to dry machining.

There is a choice of 3D control – Heidenhain ITNC 530, Millplus IT, or Siemens 840D Solutionline.

A full range of modular tool-change products completes the options and includes a chain magazine or a wall-mounted magazine for up to 300 tools.

The multi-purpose DMU60 Monoblock has three axes in the standard version, with optional three plus two, four or five axes, ideal for five-sided machining and simultaneous five-axis machining.

Spindle options range from 10,000 to 42,000rev/min.

The fast, dynamic NC milling head functions as a B-axis with a large swivel range from +30 to -120 degrees.

These machines open up a wide range of machining applications, from three- to high-speed five-axis.

Additional features include good visibility through the guarding into the working area and easy operator access.

Excellent dynamics are provided in the standard version, with up to 0.8G acceleration, rapid traverse and cutting-feed rates up to 30m/min and fast rotary axes up to 60rev/min, making the machine suited to tool and mould production.

The machine includes an integrated scraper conveyor, geometric temperature compensation, trailing cables integrated into the base to avoid chip build-up and snagging, and collision monitoring in the five-axis version with the Heidenhain ITNC 530.

The Siemens 840D Solutionline CNC system provides machine control.

Highlights are a DMG-specific screen area displaying item-count and process monitoring information, multiple channels in wide-screen display, flexible B-axis programming with workpiece correction computation, and multi-channel simulation.

The DMU50 vertical-spindle, fully interpolative five-axis machining centre has a small footprint, despite the X/Y/Z travels of 500/450/400mm.

The Ergoline control is equivalent to the CNC systems driving higher-end equipment and build quality.

This means full five-axis technology at the quality end of the market can now be accessed by a much wider customer base across the general engineering sector.

The fourth and fifth axes are provided by a 360-degree rotary table carried on a vertically-mounted unit that swivels from -5 to +110 degrees, enabling undercuts up to 20 degrees to be machined.

Linear speed is up to 24m/min in all axes with 5m/s2 acceleration.

Recirculating ballscrews in the linear-axes transmit the feed force via robust bearings and components.

DMG’s wide linear roller guideways feature low heat production, minimal friction, no stick-slip and low wear.

Linear scales are available as an option to rotary encoders for positional feedback.

The 9/13kW (100 / 40 per cent DC) motor-spindle is driven up to 10,000rev/min directly by a digitally controlled, three-phase motor.

Alternative spindles are either 14,000rev/min or 18,000rev/min, the latter rated at 25/35kW (100/40 per cent DC) with a torque up to 130Nm.

Tool magazine capacity is either 15 (standard), 30 or 60 pockets.

Automation equipment and multi-pallet systems are available for unmanned operation.

The CTX 310 eco V3 three-axis universal CNC lathe is an entry-level turning machine with driven tools and DMG’s most up-to-date control as standard.

It is ideal for single part and series production as well as for use in training workshops and application development.

The manufacturer has kept the quality high and the cost down by concentrating on the core product and offering three option packs rather than a plethora of extras.

Highlights of the machine are a 12-position VDI 30 turret with up to six stations driven, C-axis on the 5,000rev/min / 16.5kW (40 per cent DC) main spindle, digital drives with linear guideways in all axes for high dynamics (X: 24m/min; Z: 30m/min), automatic tailstock, hollow clamping for 51mm diameter bar and chucking up to 200mm diameter.

The CTX 310 eco V3 has a 3D control from either Siemens or Fanuc, with 15in TFT colour screen and full keyboard.

Electronic handwheel-integrated Shopturn software for the Siemens control and the Manual Guide I software for the Fanuc control quickly take the user from drawing board to finished workpiece.

Other distinctive features of the controls are powerful tool management and comprehensive diagnostics, both with graphical support.

Competitively priced option packages start with the chip-disposal pack, which features a chip conveyor and a set of soft chucks.

Another is the pre-adjustment package with tool measurement and chip conveyor.

The bar machining package includes a chip conveyor, an interface for a bar feed or bar-loading magazine, and a workpiece pick-up unit.

A four-colour indicator lamp is provided with all option packages.

The CTX Beta 1250 TC represents the mid-range of the fifth-generation of Gildemeister’s CTX Alpha, Beta and Gamma universal lathes.

It is based on a modular build that allows customers to specify various options to meet their precise requirements.

For example, a 20kW counter spindle can replace the tailstock to provide one-hit, five-sided simultaneous machining.

Latest design improvements have seen a 25 per cent increase in productivity and a 40 per cent improvement in visibility when viewing the working area.

The machines feature Ergoline control with 19in screen and 3D software for fast and easy programming.

The system features Softkeys, giving customisable shortcut hotkeys for frequently used screen selections and operational sequences.

There is a choice of Siemens 840D Powerline control with Shopturn or Heidenhain’s Plusit with Dinplus.

Heidenhain’s Turnplus is also available.

The TC version of the CTX Beta turn-mill centre has 22kW of power and 100Nm of torque available to its B-axis milling head.

The machine has a disc-type tool magazine capable of storing 24 HSK 63-A cutters for completing complex machining programs.

Alternatively, space for sister tooling enables continuous machining of components held in the 28kW main spindle.

Maximum component dimensions are 390mm diameter by 1250mm long.

There are headstock options for bar diameters of 65, 76 or 102mm.

Optional chuck sizes are up to 315mm in the 4,000rev/min main spindle and 210mm in the 6,000rev/min counter spindle.

Vertical Y-axis travel of the B-axis milling spindle is 100mm and above and its maximum speed is 12,000rev/min, to extract high productivity from smaller-diameter milling cutters and drills.

Linear scales ensure maximum accuracy and repeatability of all moving axes.

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