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DMS Controls delivers the advice and solutions to carry out more effective metering – helping reduce costs and improve environmental profiles.

DMS Controls offers a thorough understanding of controls technologies, strategies and tools.

With comprehensive BEMS (building energy management system) experience, DMS Controls knows how to communicate with a wide range of controlled items, such as air conditioning, boilers, dampers and actuators, throughout a building.

It can deliver all the information needed to make decisions/predictions about the energy use within a building.

While providing this solution, the energy manager can promote its building’s CSR credentials with the provision of a Carbon Dashboard.

The DMS Controls Carbon Dashboard presents key energy consumption and carbon-emission data from across an organisation in a user-friendly format to inform employees, customers and partners of the real-time performance of a building.

Using existing infrastructure where possible, it can manage the entire installation, setup and aftercare process of the Carbon Dashboard.

Its range of robust metering solutions allows the customer to present accurate data on a building’s energy consumption; meet legislative requirements; accurately charge tenants; make more effective decisions on where to spend money to reduce energy consumption; and highlight any excessive energy usage.

DMS Controls

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