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Easilift Loading Systems loading dock pods can deliver substantial benefits, with increased productivity, to logistics operations.

A dock pod is a complete, stand-alone loading bay enclosure that can be installed directly on the external face of a building.

Typically fitted with a dock seal, dock leveller or scissor lift and a sectional insulated overhead door, they are suitable for new buildings, extensions and refurbishments.

They do not take up valuable internal warehouse space and maintain the loading and unloading function within a separate and distinctly confined area.

With no cross-traffic to worry about, this is a significant health and safety benefit.

The installation of a dock pod does not require any major civil engineering work or building modifications, as there is no need for a hole or pit to be created in the floor.

Quick and easy to erect, without disruption to inner warehouse operations, they can be repositioned on site if required and are also a highly cost-effective retrofit option for an existing building.

Their lightweight but exceptionally strong structure provides an insulated, hygienic, weatherproof area – with resulting energy-saving potential – making them ideal for ambient and temperature-controlled buildings such as cold stores.

Easilift dock pods are highly flexible and purpose-designed, with different options for the main construction materials and equipment to suit individual customer requirements.

For example, pods can be equipped with a surface-mounted scissor lift platform, instead of a dock leveller, for use with the latest double-deck trailers now being widely used by major high street retailers and logistics companies due to their increased load capacity, which can help minimise journey cycles, fleet size, fuel and labour costs.

Easilift recently provided hundreds of pods for Tesco’s major distribution centres at Livingston, Lichfield and Goole.

At Livingston, Scotland, Easilift fitted bespoke exterior dock leveller pods to 162 of the 179 loading bays in the 1 million ft3 development, all incorporating swing-lip-type PowerRamp dock levellers and insulated electrically operated sectional overhead PowerDoors.

A further 17 scissor lift dock pods, designed to integrate with Tesco’s fixed-bed double-deck trailers, are equipped with scissor lifts.

They are capable of carrying 36 roll cages and an operator safely between the two fixed vehicle beds and the loading dock.

Similar Easilift pod systems, with swing-lip-type ‘PowerRamp’ dock levellers and PowerDoors, were supplied for 100 of the 108 bays at Tesco’s 850,000ft3 Fradley Park, Lichfield, regional distribution centre.

A further eight pods were equipped with 36 cage scissor lifts, plus insulated sectional overhead PowerDoors and shelters.

Tesco’s 700,000ft2 Goole national distribution centre was almost identical to Lichfield, with Easilift dock pods, comprising swing-lip-type ‘PowerRamp’ dock levellers, and ‘PowerDoors’ being supplied for 100 out of the 108 loading bays.

And, once again, a further eight pods were equipped with 36 cage scissor lifts, plus insulated sectional overhead ‘PowerDoors’ and shelters.

Easilift has also designed and supplied pod systems to several Tesco supermarkets, including its flagship environmental store in Wick, Scotland.

Innovate Logistics equipped each of the four loading bays at its cold store at Holmewood, Chesterfield, with Easilift dock pods fitted with telescopic dock levellers, a dock seal and an insulated sectional door.

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