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Dosch Design has divided its 3D computer graphics products and virtualisation tools into various different online portals.

The first, Dosch 3D, will comprise all 3D models, textures and HDRIs.

Another portal, Dosch Audio, will include royalty-free music and sound effects for visualisations.

The Dosch Viz-Images portal will feature 2D depictions for professional architectural visualisation.

Dosch Stock Media will consist of licence-free individual images and effects, which can be acquired separately.

Finally, Dosch Design Studio, the service branch, will cater specifically for individual 3D and CG projects.

Talking about the new structure, Sebastian Dosch, chief executive officer of Dosch Design, said: ‘A global navigation tool on the various sites and web pages will always allow quick transfer to another portal.

‘That way, the customer can “switch gears” quickly in order to find the most relevant type of products,’ he added.

The company plans to introduce additional business areas by the end of 2010.

One of these key services will be Dosch News Viz, a platform for editorial staff and current news reporting in the online, print and television media.

Here, journalists will have access to an image database; images can be used licence free.

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