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Dow Corning has released two-part RTV (room temperature vulcanisation) silicone sealants that combine an adhesive base and catalyst that provides a long lasting and versatile seal.

The sealants also cure consistently at room temperature, regardless of humidity levels, allowing for more predictable production flow.

Parts are ready to handle after only 10 to 20 minutes and are fully cured after seven hours.

This reduces floor-space requirements to store materials and improves production efficiency.

These can be applied robotically to achieve consistent distribution, reduce waste and improve product consistency.

They adhere to glass, screen-printed glass, stainless steel and other metals, and many plastics that are used in a wide variety of home appliances.

The sealants can be specified in an attractive black finish to create a more professional-looking finished product.

They are suitable for manufacturing home appliances, particularly stove tops and oven-door windows.

To better serve its customers and to help appliance manufacturers pin point the solutions that best meet their needs, Dow Corning has launched a two-part RTV silicone sealants webpage.

The site contains information about the company’s total assembly solutions for home-appliance production, including product applications, data sheets, case-study examples and technical expert advice and feedback.

Dow Corning two-part RTV sealants are available in four formulations: Dow Corning Q3-3526, Dow Corning Q3-3636 Base and Catalyst Adhesive/Sealants, Dow Corning EA-2626, and Dow Corning AA-3526.

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