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DP Seals has developed a long-life bubble bar component for C and C Green Energy’s anaerobic digestion system.

The GALAD system uses specially shaped tanks incorporating an inverted V-section aeration device with no moving parts that produces a gas curtain to stir the material being digested.

Gas at slightly above atmospheric pressure is pumped into the bubble bar at a variable flow rate.

Slits in the bar release the pressure as a bubble curtain that completely mixes the organic waste by setting up a controlled circulation pattern within the low-energy, shaped tank.

The GALAD System can treat waste materials, including domestic and industrial organic wastes, food processing residues, agricultural slurries, energy crops and abattoir offal waste.

After examining several alternatives, DP Seals suggested soft, high-strength silicone.

Selecting a soft variant ensured the slits in the moulding would open momentarily at the right time to produce good-sized bubbles capable of stirring the effluent.

Extensive live trials carried out on a test rig installed at DP Seals proved the mouldings met C and C Green Energy’s requirements.

Each bubble bar moulding incorporates a large number of gas-bubble generating slits and is locked into a recyclable plastic extrusion.

The design ensures solids agitated by the mixing action cannot collect on the bubble bar.

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