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Esprit 2009, the latest software release from DP Technology, will be exhibited at the Lean Manufacturing Expo in Buena Park, California, from 22-23 April.

Visitors to the Esprit exhibit will receive firsthand knowledge from Esprit representatives, who will be available for questions about time-saving features of the software and will be conducting one-on-one demonstrations of Esprit.

Due to its advanced knowledge base machining capabilities, Esprit enhances automation capabilities and saves time and money by importing solid models, recognising features on those models and automatically choosing options from a database of machining practices for the machining of those specific features – and for a full range of machine types.

The Esprit Knowledgebase user interfaces have been centralised to make it easier to manage all of the data in the database.

The single, consistent user interface allows users to access all the data from one central location, such as the processes, materials and cutting tools, and context-sensitive commands are available with a right-click of the mouse.

Lean manufacturing, a strategy aimed at achieving the shortest possible cycle times by reducing unnecessary tasks, incorporating automation and eliminating waste, leads to higher quality and lower production costs.

Among educational seminars offered at the Lean Manufacturing Expo will be an overview on the principle of lean manufacturing, in addition to those on EDM and Swiss-style machining.

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