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Davy Process Technology (DPT), part of Johnson Matthey, has announced that it has entered into contracts with Datang Energy Chemical for a plant to produce substitute natural gas (SNG) from coal.

The scope of the project includes a technology licence, basic engineering design, catalysts and support services for the methanation unit that converts synthesis gas to SNG.

The plant will be located in Keshiketeng County, Inner Mongolia, and have a capacity of 12,000,000Nm3/day of SNG produced from three parallel units, which will be constructed sequentially.

The SNG will be sent by pipeline and when it begins operation will provide a significant portion of the domestic energy needs of Beijing.

The selected methanation technology has been chosen from an extensive portfolio of processes available from DPT and Johnson Matthey Catalysts for use in gas and coal-to-chemicals plants.

The technology was originally developed in the UK specifically for the purpose of SNG production and has been licensed by DPT since 1997.

Catalysts for the process are supplied by Johnson Matthey Catalysts.

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