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Suitable for use in environments where functional safety is critical, the Draeger Flame 5000 colour-imaging-based CCTV flame detector has been certified as SIL 2 capable.

Offering reliable flame-detection technology for oil and gas installations as well as chemical and pharmaceutical plants, this explosion-proof system can be installed in any industrial application where a potential fire source exists.

The Draeger Flame 5000 is different to traditional radiation, or combined radiation and CCTV cameras because it uses the camera to detect the flame.

Designed as a stand-alone system and housed within a single unit, it combines colour imaging with digital signal processing and software algorithms to process live video images and interpret the characteristics of a flame.

As a result, it can eliminate false alarms caused by day-to-day workplace influences such as hot processes, flare reflections and hot CO2 emissions.

The Draeger Flame 5000 can also be used to provide live video images, and can be fully integrated with a control system or fire panel to provide fault and fire signalling using normal 0-20mA or relay outputs.

As well as the surveillance benefits, this capability removes the need to despatch operators to investigate alarms, reducing the risk of injury while improving response time to hazardous situations to around four seconds.

Able to detect fires of 0.1m or more at 44m within a 90 horizontal field of view, it can be operated in temperatures ranging from -60 to +85C.

A stainless-steel mounting bracket can be rotated to ensure optimum positioning and the detector is also fitted with automatic optical verification.

This facility checks the window for contamination and ensures that the field of view is not compromised by obstructions placed immediately in front of the detector.

For immediate, visual confirmation of the operational status on-site, a tri-colour LED is located on the front of the detector, with green signifying normal operation, yellow verifying a fault and red indicating the presence of flame.

A built-in memory card enables the detector to record events both before and after every alarm.

With standard units weighing just 2.5kg, the Draeger Flame 5000 is supplied with a stainless steel or aluminium finish and, as well as SIL 2, meets the requirements of Atex, IECEx, FM and CFM approvals.

Draeger Fire and Gas Systems offers products, services and system solutions for toxic, flammable and oxygen detection, flame detection and the design, build, commission and maintenance of fire and gas detection systems for the protection of personnel and assets.

Otherwise known as BS EN 61508, Safety Integrity Level (SIL) is the international standard for electrical, electronic and programmable electronic safety related systems.

It sets out the requirements for ensuring that systems are designed, implemented, operated and maintained to provide the required SIL level.

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