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The Draeger Rental Robot, which automates the issue and return of safety equipment, makes masks, portable gas detectors and consumables available at any time, without the need for human interaction.

By keeping a record of how often devices are used, it also supports the material planning process.

In the petrochemical or chemical industry, for instance, employees generally receive their personal protective equipment (PPE) at central supply points that have restricted opening hours.

With the Rental Robot, materials – whether rental or inventory devices – can be obtained at any time.

The employees simply log on at the ‘service station’ using a barcode or the radio-frequency identification (RFID).

Based on the respective user data, the Rental Robot identifies which products the employee may access and displays each of the devices on a screen.

Optional information on the products’ performance range can also be displayed.

Using the touch screen, the desired product can then be selected and removed from the device compartment.

The return of equipment is said to be just as easy; once identified, the user puts the device back into the compartment.

Consumables such as disposable masks can also be supplied, registered and recorded.

As well as products from the Draeger product line, the Rental Robot can be filled with other devices or tools.

The devices are issued to registered users only with existing identification systems, such as company ID cards, being used to confirm user identification.

The list of authorised employees, as well as stored user data, can be extended or reduced as required.

This allows contractors and other personnel who might be working on the premises during a shutdown period, for instance, to be registered for a defined period of time.

The Rental Robot stores the issue and return of every product and automatically generates a trend analysis of device utilisation.

Regular maintenance ensures that Draeger products are always operational.

When the device is running short of supply, it can send a signal to the control station to ensure that the required items are replenished.

As a result, material planning can be organised cost effectively and the Rental Robot can be replenished in accordance with demand.

In the event of devices being damaged or lost, the stored data records can be used to provide information on the last application.

When not in use, the devices are stored safely in a locked box.

The financing of the Rental Robot can be arranged in a variety of ways, depending upon customer requirements.

Various solutions can be provided to calculate the costs for a year, project related or according to actual use.

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