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Dragon and TC Kilns has been selected by Seoul-based IS Dongseo to construct a 90m3, natural-gas-fired shuttle kiln to fire the ceramic sanitaryware plant’s products.

IS Dongseo manufactures ceramic and concrete products as well as having a construction business.

The ceramic manufacturing, conducted at three Korean plants, involves the full range of modern sanitaryware and wall, floor, stairway and facade tiles.

Concrete products comprise PHC piles, segments and rail ties, while the construction business covers apartments, villas, schools, museums, leisure facilities and residential-commercial complexes.

The shuttle kiln for vitreous china production will be installed at IS Dongseo’s sanitaryware plant in Tangjeong, in Asan City.

The Dragon and TC Kilns unit is an eight-car, two-deck downdraft shuttle kiln rated at 1180C for re-fire, 1220C for first fire and with a maximum firing capability of 1300C.

It is intended to operate six days a week, 50 weeks a year, and cycles at 20 hours, cold to cold.

Across the two 4m wide decks the kiln will fire 384 pieces per fire, yielding just less than 140,000 pieces per year (approximately 1100 tonnes).

The energy efficient kiln has a fuel consumption of 2000kcal/kg of ware (+/- 10 per cent).

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