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The latest addition to Ashtead Technology’s rental fleet of inspection crawler systems has helped a drainage company undertake a week-long culvert cleaning project at a development in Sussex.

Draincare, based in Harpenden, carried out the remote visual inspection (RVI) cleaning operation on culverts at the Ore Valley residential and leisure development in Hastings.

To assess the condition of surface-water culverts and to identify cleaning procedures, the company contacted Ashtead Technology for the five-day rental of a Rovver 225 and DVD recorder.

Andy McBride, Draincare’s operation manager, said: ‘We were required to check the condition of, and clean, culverts on the site.

‘The Rovver 225 allowed us to examine the exact condition of the culverts, identifying considerable silt deposits in the process.

‘These were then cleaned to return the culverts to their desired condition,’ he added.

The Rovver 225 is designed specifically to investigate pipes and tunnels ranging from 300mm to 1,200mm in diameter.

The remote-control camera unit enables the operator to raise and lower the camera, change zoom and orientation and control the focus and lighting levels to ensure optimum viewing conditions in any investigation.

Alan Hasson, Ashtead’s general manager, said: ‘This example represents the benefits of hiring over buying outright for project work of this nature; we have a vast fleet of the latest visual inspection equipment, which means that customers are able to use exactly the right technology for the period of the work that is required.

‘The Rovver 225 on hire provides optimum RVI technology for a period of your convenience,’ he added.

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