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‘Point-of-sale display systems are modular in design. Greetings cards, pop and film star poster producers, cosmetics, confectionery displays for retail outlets are typical users.  Display stands are produced in batches to meet customer requirement for colour and branding and manufactured primarily from tubular steel – square or round section – sheet steel and heavy gauge wirework. Batch quantities, depending on the promotion, can be in 10s or 100s.  The bulk of finished products are powder coated but before any finish can be applied the metal must be absolutely clean.

The cleaning process most commonly used at the moment is vapour degreasing with trichloroethylene, However, problems with marking of the edges of cards and posters, which reduce their value or discolouration of or “bubbling” and lifting of the powder finish due to rusting in slots and spot welds and leaching of trapped oil means hand wiping of every part before powder coating or painting is needed to remove dust or deposits not removed by vapour degreasing. This is labour intensive and with energy costs and the level of wages increasing this is a high cost operation. When considering other processes DriPHOS will be an obvious one tank solution.

DriPHOS is a replacement system for vapour degreasing with many benefits. Familiar to operators it needs no more space than a vapour degreasing tank but guarantees that all the surfaces, even in spot welded seams are cleaned and protected against rusting. Parts can be stored prior to painting and assembly for long periods giving the flexibility for colour changes and JIT response for urgent orders. The unique DriPHOS TLT, thin layer technology produces a crystalline phosphate matrix which presents a physical barrier against moisture, inhibiting rust and greatly improving adhesion of final finishes with increased under film protection in the event of a damaged surface due to abrasion or impact from trolleys common in the retail environment.

The DriPHOS  TLT (Thin Layer Technology) Metal Pretreatment Process

A development and improvement of the vapour degreasing process using stable solvents as the media to dissolve and carry the active chemicals using precursors to produce a protective crystalline primer on the metal surface.

The very large increase in surface area is due to a unique “fish scale” structure of overlapping crystals growing from and forming an integral part of the metal surface. This produces a greater “keying” area priming the metal for subsequent paint or powder coatings improving the adhesion of these coatings which are then more resistant to scratches, abrasion or impact damage by trolleys or baskets experienced in the normal retail environment. DriPHOS coatings give increased under film protection if this damage occurs reducing rusting and lifting of the finished coatings increasing products useful life and customer satisfaction.

A typical system consists of a tank, of similar design and size to a standard vapour degreasing tank but with an increased liquid depth to allow complete immersion of parts. Installed in a pit or floor mounted with automatic handling systems these are safe and simple for operators to use.

Parts or components are jigged or loaded into baskets transferred into the tank and lowered into the vapour above the boiling DriPHOS liquid for conditioning then immersed into the boiling liquid. When the process time has elapsed the work is raised again into the vapour space and rinsed with condensed DriPHOS liquid to remove residual process liquid. Parts then dry in the vapour area emerging after a total process time of 5 to 10 minutes degreased, cleaned and phosphated warm to touch and ready for painting or powder coating.  Alternatively for flexibilty the processed parts can be stored without rusting for long periods ready for immediate painting to meet urgent orders.

EnviroTech Europe Ltd

EnviroTech Europe Ltd supply a complete range of metal cleaning, surface treatment and protection systems which are cost effective, energy efficient and safe for users and the environment. Products are supplied through a qualified network of distributors throughout the UK and Europe.

The Best In Surface Treatment

EnviroTech Europe Ltd supply a complete range of metal cleaning, surface treatment and protection systems which are cost effective, energy efficient and safe for users and the environment. Products are supplied through a qualified network of distributors throughout the UK and Europe

Products and Services
Ensolv – Vapour Degreasing Solvents For Precision Cleaning
Environmentally friendly precision vapour degreasing and cleaning solvents for the aerospace, precision engineering, medical, optical and electronic industries.

EnSolv vapour degreasing solvents are the most effective alternative to trichloroethylene which is due to be phased out of use in Europe during 2016. Fast economical cleaning and degreasing in one tank using minimal floor area.

Aquus – Water Based Metal Cleaning And Pretreatment Processes
A range of innovative and sustainable water based metal cleaning and surface treatment products which prepare parts and fabrications for painting, powder coating or electroplating.

Phosphating systems are available to meet the needs of all manufacturers from office furniture to household appliances and for other more demanding applications in transport, aerospace, construction, oil and marine industries.

CORR-EX – Corrosion Protection Solutions
Specialist barrier film corrosion protection products, based on synthetic materials to provide safe, effective, environmentally friendly solutions to lubrication and corrosion problems.

Our solutions help to lubricate and control corrosion, and are unexcelled in preventing deterioration and contamination. Solutions for derusting, passivation, sealing and anti-corrosion packaging are also included in our product range.

Clarea – Industrial Degreasing Solvents
Environmentally safe wipe, brush, dip and immersion cleaning solvents for removing dirt, oil, grease and other contaminants from surfaces without causing harm or leaving residue.

A growing concern regarding environmental issues and health hazards of the most commonly used chlorinated solvents as degreasing agents has led to the formulation of this range of safer industrial cleaning solvents.

  • Our products and treatments offer a combination of benefits:
  • Cost effective solutions for all your metal cleaning and surface treatments needs
  • Processes are safe, environmentally friendly and energy efficient
  • Excellent customer service, technical support and training from qualified distributors throughout Europe

ProSolv – lower cost high performance fluorocarbon cleaning solvent

ProSolv – enables high performance cleaning at lower cost than other fluorinated solvent cleaners.A proprietary tertiary azeotropic formulation based on a fluorinated solvent which can be a direct replacement for chlorinated solvents ProSolv is extremely stable and simple to use meeting all the increasingly stringent legislative demands for safer, non flammable solvents with low environmental impact for the precision engineering and electronics industries

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