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The NHS Supply Chain depot based at Bridgwater claims that it enhanced the health and safety of its operations by using a specially configured drying system from Air Control Industries (ACI).

At this 130,000ft2 depot, NHS Supply Chain stores, stock controls and picks products for distribution around the southwest region to hospitals and health centres — a task that involves handling around 540,000 tote boxes a year.

These tote boxes must be cleaned on their return before being reintroduced into the order picking operation.

To fulfil this cleaning requirement, NHS Supply Chain installed a purpose-built washing and drying line that used a drying system from ACI to eliminate manual final drying and thus enhance the operation’s health and safety.

This ACI system is a blower-based system comprising airknives, adjustable and flexible nozzles, as well as all the required ducting, which is designed to deliver air close to the tote boxes, even into awkward angular recesses and moisture-retaining scratches.

Key benefits

  • Time was saved and paper-towel usage reduced through the elimination of manual final drying.
  • This also helped prevent damage or contamination of the medical supplies shipped in the tote boxes.
  • Any potential health and safety implications from residual water dripping onto the warehouse floor were also eliminated.
  • Productivity was boosted and financial savings made.
  • Staff at the depot reported they were ‘really pleased’ with the ACI drying system.

Air Control Industries

Air Control Industries (ACI) is a leading global provider of industrial air movement products.

We analyse the application and select or design the product with the right materials, performance and environmental characteristics to provide the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

ACI has the expertise to help satisfy all your air handling requirements, be it cooling drying or spreading.

Since 1969, ACI has been designing and manufacturing fans and blowers, both for general applications and for specific tasks that demand custom-engineered solutions. We have also been developing value-added products employing our fans and blowers.

These include Airknives, bottle/can-drying systems for the drinks industry and our extruded product/cable/wire drying unit. All are employed around the world by leading international companies.

Another ACI innovation for the health and hygiene market is our Jetblack personnel cleaning stations. Being blower powered, Jetblack provides a safe and economic method of de-dusting personnel. To extend options for our customers, we also offer EBM-Papst products, for which we are the exclusive distributor.

ACI has around 50 employees split between its UK headquarters in Chard, Somerset, and its US subsidiary in Maine, New England. There is a network of overseas distributors to provide international sales and support.

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