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Dassault Systemes (DS) has released Isight 5.5, the latest open-desktop solution for simulation process automation and design optimisation from Simulia.

Isight provides designers, engineers and researchers with an open system for integrating design and simulation models – created with various CAD, CAE and other software applications – to automate the execution of hundreds or even thousands of simulations.

The software allows users to save time and improve their products by optimising them against performance or cost metrics through statistical methods such as Design of Experiments or Design for Six Sigma.

Abel Pardo, stress engineer at aerospace company Grupo TAM, said: ’Isight allows us to quickly evaluate a large number of design possibilities and identify those that meet our required parameters.

’We now have a clear understanding of which variables are most critical when manufacturing composite panels in order to meet our stringent quality and safety criteria,’ added Pardo.

Among the new components delivered to enhance the integration of modelling and simulation tools, Isight 5.5 provides support for Dymola (also from Dassault Systemes), which leverages the open Modelica language.

This allows Isight users to develop process flows that simulate the dynamic behaviour and complex interactions between engineering disciplines, such as mechanical, electrical, thermodynamic, hydraulic, pneumatic, thermal and Modelica-defined control systems.

Alex Van der Velden, product manager for Isight at DS, said: ’Today, more and more products feature a tight coupling between physical behaviour and embedded computer systems.

’A good example of this is a vehicle electronic stability control system.

’The Dymola component in Isight allows our customers to optimise their products for overall targeted system behaviour,’ added Van der Velden.

Isight 5.5 also includes additional optimisation capabilities, such as mixed-integer sequential quadratic programming (MISQP) for solving problems with ’integer’ and ’real’ variables.

Dr Klaus Schittkowski, professor for applied computer science at Bayreuth University in Germany, said: ’Common design optimisation problems that combine discrete and continuous parameters are often extremely difficult to solve.

’For instance, when we try to find the smallest bolt possible while not stripping the threads, only discrete combinations of bolt diameter and hole, pitch, flange diameter, thickness of the plate and nut height can be considered due to ISO regulations.

’The search space is no longer continuous and lacks derivatives, and has many isolated points and coupled parameters.

’The state-of-the-art Isight embedded MISQP code excels at solving these types of problems efficiently,’ he added.

Further optimisation enhancements in the Isight 5.5 release include a custom exploration strategy – which enables users to create custom search techniques at the application programming interface (API) level – as well as support for the integration of legacy C or Fortran algorithms.

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