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DSP’s Brushless servomotors come in 40, 62, 80 and 130mm frame sizes with rated torque from 0.095Nm (0.88lb/in) to 9.55Nm (84.61lb/in).

A high-resolution incremental encoder is standard, with the option of a 19-bit serial encoder.

All motors have the option of a 24V DC failsafe brake and are compact with high torque to low inertia performance and neodymium magnets.

The neodymium circuit design produces low cogging characteristics.

DSP Automation servomotors are F-class (1550C) insulation, which extends the life of the servomotor.

Servomotors are designed to IP65 environmental rating with maximum dust tightness and protection against water jets.

This series of servomotors completes the DSP Automation ultimate performance solution when matched with M or X Series servo drives.

The M Series has built-in VAC to VDC rectification with regen protection and an option for adding external resistance.

The X Series is a multi-axis solution and functions from a common VDC bus.

The XPM Power Module converts VAC to VDC for supplying multiple X Series servo drives.

The M or X Series servo drives interface without additional cost to the 19-bit serial encoder, providing low-speed performance below 1rpm.

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