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DSP Development has launched Dadisp 6.5, the latest release of its engineering spreadsheet designed specifically for technical data analysis.

Dadisp 6.5 supports the processing of multi-channel data displayed in a familiar strip-chart recorder plot.

Calculations on a strip chart extend to each trace and automatically produce a corresponding output strip chart.

Properties such as trace colour, axis placement and colour attributes can be specified.

By providing a one-to-many calculation environment, strip-chart processing can simplify the task of multi-channel data analysis.

Dadisp 6.5 adds the execution of Matlab code directly from Dadisp.

Dadisp 6.5 processes any built-in or custom Matlab function or script just as if it were a native Dadisp function.

Matlab and Dadisp functions and data can be mixed.

Dadisp 6.5 automatically plots series and array results from Matlab in a Dadisp window.

Matlab code embedded into a worksheet window formula is hot-linked and automatically recalculates in response to source data changes.

Dadisp 6.5 extends Dadisp’s Series Processing Language to support both function- and file-based static and global variables.

A new form-based custom dialogue box facility enables the inclusion of graphical user interface (GUI) specifications and related SPL functions in one combined file.

An integrated GUI-based debugger simplifies the development of custom SPL functions.

SPL’s C/C++ syntax offers a familiar and clean programming style, allowing users to create custom routines using standard programming techniques.

Additional features include mouse-based visual data editing, enhanced shape and text annotations with a programmable object-handle interface, .Net and ActiveX event handling and expanded online documentation.

Dadisp 6.5 also adds more than 100 new built-in and SPL routines spanning the areas of matrix and series manipulation, signal processing, math, colour, series generation, curve fitting and statistics.

Randy Race, DSP’s chief technical officer, said: ‘Dadisp 6.5 now offers more than 1,000 analysis routines with an intuitive and familiar user interface to provide one of the most comprehensive data analysis tools available today.

‘Dadisp is used by tens of thousands of scientists and engineers worldwide as a high-productivity alternative to traditional spreadsheet, Fortran, C/C++ and Matlab programming,’ added Race.

Dadisp 6.5 for Windows 7, 9x, 2000, NT, XP and Vista is priced at USD1,995 (GBP1,368) and includes 90 days of technical support.

Dadisp 6.5 is now available for general release.

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