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DTEC has completed a multi-column turnkey project at a chemical plant located on the east coast of the UK.

The project focus was on the refurbishment of a stainless-steel process tower with a diameter of approximately three metres, which required a corrosion-resistant weld overlay CrNiMo-3 (Alloy 625) onto a stainless-steel base material.

DTEC achieved this without incident, using Vclad Weld Overlay technology.

Vclad combines digitally controlled synergic welding technology with multi-directional programmable automation.

The result is a high quality and productive weld-overlay process that can be applied to many repair and upgrade scenarios, ranging from replacement of original equipment design materials through to the application of corrosion-resistant alloys.

Weld procedures are qualified to both ASME and EN standards, and because DTEC holds a library of typical PQRs, it can react to unknown scopes often found during routine turnaround inspections.

Due to the flexibility of the Vclad equipment, DTEC can work around many vessel internal restrictions, such as beam stools and tray-support rings.

The consistency gained using an automated welding process ensures that a code-consistent weld chemistry is achieved while ensuring a highly productive weld overlay deposition is delivered.

DTEC is an all-encompassing column specialist that services the chemical and oil-refining industries.

Its products and services cater for multiple and single-column events offering both mechanical services as well as equipment manufacture for emergency supply and equipment change outs, providing in-situ column or vessel refurbishment or material upgrades using its Vclad weld-overlay capability.

In this project, the workscope included: column isolations, opening external and internal manways for inspection, tray removal, removal and replacement of internal tower attachments, automated weld overlay, reinstallation of trays, close-column manways and de-isolations.

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