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Sensornet has been selected by the Center for Transformative Environmental Monitoring Programs (CTEMPs) as the primary supplier of field-based DTS instruments in the US.

The company will provide its distributed temperature sensing (DTS) systems to enable CTEMPS, which is jointly operated by Oregon State University and the University of Nevada, Reno, to provide instrumentation to students and research groups worldwide in order for them to access, develop and make technical advancements in the field of hydrological research.

Field-deployable DTS systems can be shipped directly to sites and used in a variety of research projects, including seepage detection, the assessment of flow in isolated streams and measuring boreholes temperatures in the Antarctic.

The DTS system measures the distribution of liquid temperatures along fibre-optic cables up to 30km in length.

It allows for continuous monitoring by updating the complete temperature trace every 10 seconds and can measure temperatures with a resolution of +/-0.01C.

The DTS system offers an alternative to traditional ‘single point in space’ measurements of environmental temperatures or ‘single point in time’ measurements for the remote sensing of temperatures.

Initially introduced into the oil and electric-power sector over a decade ago, the DTS system has more recently been used in a variety of near-surface earth observations, including stream and groundwater interaction, snowpack evolution and melting, mixing and energy resource of lakes and streams, soil-moisture sensing, atmospheric processes and dam seepage.


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