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Inmoco’s Mercury 3000Si Dual Axis Averager, from Micro E Systems, is designed for rotary applications where the highest positional accuracy and high speed are required.

The Averager’s high-speed serial-word interface (SPI) allows operation at maximum resolution and rotational speed – up to 16.8M CPR (0.08arc/sec) at 1,300rpm.

In addition, the bidirectional optical index signal of the 3000Si is repeatable (to 1 LSB) of the encoder’s resolution.

Offering instrument-free alignment in under 30sec, the M3000Si is designed for use on precision rotary tables and actuators, and is particularly suited for high-performance laser-beam steering applications, such as laser marking, drilling, welding and cutting.

It is also suitable for exotic rotary applications, such as long-range, high-magnification surveillance systems.

Easy to integrate, with a miniature sensor measuring 8.4mm high, the 3000Si Dual Axis Averager is said to be an economical solution for any X-Y stage.

It allows engineers to cable two Mercury sensor heads to a single interpolator module; each axis can then be programmed to optimal resolution, up to 20nm on each axis, using the Smartprecision encoder software.

The system can also provide robustness in linear or rotary applications by using redundant sensors.

By detecting any difference in real time, faults can instantly be detected in motion systems.

The design of the Dual Axis Averager comprises two Mercury sensor heads, a programmable Smartprecision dual-interpolator/averager module and a rotary glass scale.

The system operates by eliminating rotational eccentricity errors through advanced signal-averaging and accuracy optimisation algorithms.

Signal processing and programmable interpolation to x1,024 are performed within the unit.

Position data are digitised and then sent directly to the controller’s DSP.

This enables the motion system to operate at high speeds with high position accuracy using averaged sensor feedback for closed-loop control.

The Mercury Dual Axis Averager’s Smartprecision electronics and optional Smartprecision software provide digital readouts and robust programmable features, including multiple index modes, output channel configurations and serial word interface settings.

The Smartprecision software equips engineers with a tool to assess encoder performance in real time for initial motion-loop tuning and for system monitoring over time.

In addition to initial setup of interpolation depth, Smartprecision software generates graphical displays of signal strength, Lissajous plots, position and velocity data, and output speed.

The software can also be used for data capture and displaying alarms.

If the setup is changed for a faster controller at a later date, the user can easily reprogram the output bandwidth to match the new controller.

The Mercury 3000Si Dual Axis Averager is ruggedised for high-noise environments and is said to deliver best-in-class noise immunity.

The encoder’s Smartprecision electronics are housed in a metal enclosure, as are the sensor electronics, and all cabling is double shielded.

The Mercury encoder range is said to have the world’s smallest high-performance sensor.

Programmable resolution, 30sec alignment and Smartprecision setup and monitoring software make it suitable for all OEM applications.

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