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Bosch has developed a touch-screen head unit measuring 8in (20cm) on the diagonal that will be introduced in the Jaguar XJ.

In addition to the operating logic of the human-machine interface, it also includes resource management for the infotainment system.

Another new feature is the Dual View display, which makes it possible to show different information on the same screen for the driver and the front-seat passenger – the driver has the navigation map in full view while driving and at the same time the front-seat passenger can watch a film or scroll through an iPod playlist.

The integration of the systems is based on a central MOST network (Media Oriented System Transport) and the CAN bus (Controller Area Network).

Acting as a high-performance workload manager, the resource-management feature integrated into the head unit provides clarity and makes it possible to prioritise the screen contents according to the current situation.

The navigation menu will appear, for example, to accompany the output of driving recommendations.

Any other display information will be suppressed during that time – with the exception of incoming phone calls, which are displayed immediately and route guidance for navigation is temporarily shifted into the background.

The head unit is equipped with a high-resolution colour touch screen (800 x 480 pixels), allowing the driver to control the radio and navigation system as easily as the telephone or air conditioning.

The Jaguar XJ has also been equipped with a media hub, which allows the user to connect an MP3 player, an iPod or a USB stick to the infotainment system.

The Bosch Dual View display can show two different programs on a single monitor.

This means that the front-seat passenger doesn’t necessarily have to follow along with the navigation recommendations – he or she can choose a different entertainment program.

If desired, a cordless headset delivers the sound.

As a result, two different infotainment programs can be played on a single screen, without having to have a second monitor installed in the vehicle.

The Dual View head unit does not take up any more space than a regular monitor.

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