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At Mach 2010, Dugard will demonstrate the You Ji YV 1600ATC+C vertical turning-centre, suitable for heavy-industry markets such as oil and gas, and bearing and valve manufacture.

The range includes a machine of 8000mm diameter, represented by the YV 1600ATC+C, complete with automatic tool changer (ATC), mill-drill, C-axis and twin rams.

The YV 1600ATC+C has a turning capacity of 1,800mm diameter x 1,200mm in height, and an 8,000kg table loading with a Ram stroke of 900mm and a cross-rail elevation of 800mm.

A 16-tool automatic tool changer as standard; options available up to 64 tools; a C-axis, 60kW spindle drive and 15kW driven-tool spindle, all controlled by the Fanuc 18i Control with Manual Guide CNC as standard, make the You Ji a versatile machine suitable for the heavy-industry markets such as oil and gas and bearing and valve manufacture.

Also new from the Dugard stable will be the Eagle FBL 530 large-capacity slant bed CNC lathe, boasting a four-speed gearbox, which allows high torque at low speeds, making it the perfect choice for the large-diameter machining of exotic materials.

The FBL has a 1,000 min-1 spindle speed, 1,000mm swing and 3,000mm turning length, with other models available of 2,000 and 4,000mm turning lengths and a Fanuc 0i TD control.

The third in the four-machine line-up at Mach 2010 will be the Hedelius RS 505 from Germany.

This is a twin-table three- and five-axis machine, driven by the Heidenhain ITNC530 control.

The RS 505 has a 12,000 min-1 motor spindle and features as standard a fixed work table and a rotary/swivel table.

The rotary swivelling table is driven directly by torque motors.

The concept of this machine allows for machining of components on either table or the ability to bridge across both tables with components up to 1,000mm long.

The fourth machine on show is the Eagle ECO-1000, a heavy-duty box-way construction machine that has: travels in X, Y and Z of 1000, 600 and 570mm; a 20-tool ATC, 8,000 min-1 spindle; and a choice of Fanuc, Fagor or Siemens control.

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