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Rohde and Schwarz has launched a DVB-C2 software coder for its SFU signal generator, aimed at broadcast receiver equipment and chipset manufacturers, certification bodies and cable network operators.

The coder enables manufacturers of broadcast receiver equipment and chipsets to perform standard-compliant tests on their products with DVB-C2 signals.

Certification bodies and cable network operators can also use the new option.

The Rohde and Schwarz SFU already supports all common digital and analogue radio and television standards; it can now also handle all second-generation broadcast standards.

As a result, users need only a single signal generator for all performance and compliance tests on broadcast receivers.

To run performance and compliance tests on the DVB-C2 receivers, manufacturers need a signal source that delivers standard-compliant test signals.

Rohde and Schwarz has met this need by developing the DVB-C2 coder as a software option for its SFU reference signal generator.

Using the new option, manufacturers of television sets, set-top boxes, tuners and broadcast receiver chipsets can run all required DVB-C2 performance and compliance tests on their products.

The SFU supports the most important test standards, including the D-book test specifications of the Digital TV Group (DTG) as well as those of Nordig, the Scandinavian standardisation organisation.

It is said to be as suitable for development work as it is for quality assurance in the production process.

The instrument provides cable network operators, certification bodies and EMC labs with a reference signal generator for their tests.

Because the Rohde and Schwarz supports all common broadcast standards, users need only one instrument to test receiver components for a range of transmission standards.

Even multi-standard receivers, such as those for DVB-C/C2, DVB-T/T2 or DVB-S/S2, can be tested.

By means of an option key, users can enable new standards as a software option.

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