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Dynalab Test Systems has announced that NX wire harness testers have been enhanced to support four-wire Kelvin resistance testing.

This extends the NX wire harness tester’s resistance measurement range to below 1ohm.

Specifically, the resistance measurement range and accuracy for all NX wire harness testers is 0.005 to 100ohm +/-1 per cent, +/-0.005ohm.

The four-wire Kelvin resistance testing capability is available on all new NX wire harness testers at no additional charge.

This includes hipot testers as well as low-voltage testers.

Any existing NX wire harness tester can be upgraded to include this capability.

Free technical consultation is available from Dynalab’s application engineers.

In addition, Dynalab offers an extensive library of application notes and product documentation containing examples for solving common wire harness and cable assembly testing problems.

Dynalab Test Systems

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