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Setton Pistachio bought Smiths Detection’s Eagle Bulk 370 X-ray machine to detect foreign objects in pistachios.

The X-ray machine receives a steady stream of raw pistachios from the storage silos.

When it detects rock, glass or metal contamination, the rejected product and contaminants are sent down a chute to a gravity table de-stoning device that separates the rocks from the product so that good pistachios can be reclaimed.

The bucket elevator takes the good pistachios back up to the X-ray machine to pass through a second time, allowing it to detect and reject any remaining stray rocks.

A bucket collects approximately 30 lbs of rocks, bolts, bottle glass and slag metal every month, with little good-product wasted.

The good product that enters the gravity table is then reworked through the X-ray machine.

The X-ray machine evaluates the bulk pistachios for foreign materials such as stones, glass and metal contaminants before they reach the processing equipment.

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