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TSC Foods has installed a Smiths Detection Eagle Pack 240 X-ray with a twin air blast reject, for high-speed checkweighing.

TSC Foods makes sauces, soups, entrees, dressings, marinades and risottos.

The Eagle Pack 240 X-ray detects metal at 1.0mm while running at 213 FPM [65mpm] and simultaneously weighs the product with 0.29g accuracy at one standard deviation, sigma.

TSC had struggled for six months to accurately check/inspect product from its quad-lane sachet line.

The only customisation the Eagle Pack needed was the installation of guides to ensure the rejected pouches would pass through the reject confirmation photo eye.

Three months after installation, TSC ordered two additional systems.

Shane Barrick, area manager of TSC, said: ‘We can actually control the units remotely via the CDC interface, allowing us to ensure that the correct product is selected at all times.

‘As the operator changes batches on the CDC, the system prompts a change on the Eagle Pack 240.’ The Eagle Pack 240 conforms to the UK supermarket code of practice.

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