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A compact Spirax Sarco Easiheat steam to hot water system is being used in a refurbishment project to help Harrogate Hospital save energy and improve patient comfort in its hydrotherapy unit.

By delivering improved heat recovery, temperature and humidity control, the scheme is expected to save over GBP2,000 per year in heating bills.

The new measures are also expected to save almost 300 tonnes of CO2 emissions over the 15-year life of the plant.

The Easiheat system provides hot water to an integrated Calorex Delta 10 unit, which controls both the temperature of the pool and the temperature and relative humidity of the air in the hydrotherapy and swimming pool.

The Calorex system incorporates heat exchangers, an air handling unit and a heat pump.

The heat pump recovers energy from excess moisture in the air above the pool to provide up to 25 per cent of the heating energy needed in the pool room, while the rest is provided by hot water from the Easiheat system.

The system maintains the pool temperature at between 34 and 36C, and conditions the air to 30C and 60 per cent relative humidity.

The Easiheat system was supplied as a compact, skid-mounted assembly, complete with all the necessary ancillary equipment.

At its heart is a plate heat exchanger, which is said to be more responsive and easier to control than bulkier shell-and-tube versions.

The Spirax Sarco unit was chosen because it can use plant steam to provide a reliable supply of on-demand hot water at a precise temperature.

Another reason to opt for a heating system based on steam was the ready supply of plant steam, which was previously used in the shell-and-tube calorifier that heated the pool before the refurbishment.

As well as the new pool-room systems, the refurbishment includes a second air-handling unit, bringing fresh air into the adjacent rest area, while an integrated building-control system monitors and optimises the energy performance of the entire hydrotherapy unit.

All the new systems are designed to comply with the latest recommendations for hydrotherapy units laid out in NHS Health Technical Memorandum Health Building Note 8 for Facilities for Rehabilitation Services.

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