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Low Power Radio Solutions (LPRS) has announced that it is providing Foundation-Robotics with Easy-Radio wireless modules for its Cycler presentation robot.

LPRS has announced that it is providing Foundation-Robotics with Easy-Radio wireless modules for its Cycler presentation robot.

Specially designed and built for the environment and education charity Waste Watch, Cycler is used to bring the charity’s waste prevention message of ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ to schools around the UK.

To use Cycler to run the recycling education programmes in Schools a ‘handler’ is required who tells him what to do by sending commands using a concealed radio transmitter powered by Easy-Radio.

Cycler has five microcontrollers for a brain and nervous system, an MP3 sound file player, amplifier and speakers to allow him to talk, and seven electric motors to make him move.

The handler can make Cycler drive around, move his arms, move his head and has full control over the MP3 player allowing highly interactive dialogues to take place.

In between being told what to do, Cycler runs his own inbuilt personality program, which makes him look around, moving and flashing his eyes, while moving his head and arms.

For practical reasons Cycler is not allowed to drive about unless specifically ordered to do so by his handler.

This personality program enables the handler to have both hands in view while Cycler continues to move speak and generally look alive, which aids the presentation by keeping the attention of the audience.

Low Power Radio Solutions

LPRS Ltd (Low Power Radio Solutions) is a privately owned ISM band
‘easy-Radio’ radio module manufacturer and distributor of Circuit Design,
Prowave and Airwave transmitters, receivers, transceivers and antennas.
Their sales team is based in Witney, Oxfordshire where as their Technical
Centre is in Warrington, Cheshire.

easy-Radio comes in transmitter, receiver and transceiver modules and as a
pendant transmitter. Operating frequency for the modules is either
433-434MHz (ER400 series) or 868-870MHz for Europe and 902-928MHz for USA
(ER900 series). As they’re based on the Chipcon’s RF ICs, the modules also
provide user-programmable features including frequency of operation, power
output and data rate.

The easy-Radio (ER) ERx00TS transmitter, Erx00RS receiver and Erx00TRS
transceiver incorporate ‘easy-Radio’ technology to provide high performance,
simple to use radio devices that can transfer data over a range of up to 250
metres Line Of Sight (LOS). Furthermore ‘easy-Radio’ technology allows
frequency, data rate and power output to be optimised for customer specific
applications. The embedded software reduces design and development time


Handheld Terminals.
Environmental Sense & Control.
Vehicle to Base Station Data Transfer.
Remote Data Acquisition.
Electronic Point of Sale Equipment etc.
M2M Control

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