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3DScanCo, a division of Laser Design, is now reselling Artec, Creaform and 3Shape 3D scanners, suitable for use in sports, animation, fashion, medical, computer graphics and architecture applications.

Artec 3D Scanners use 3D video cameras that capture a three-dimensional image in each frame and then combine them automatically into a single mesh.

The scanning process is as easy as walking around the object while continuously videoing it from 360 degrees.

The video-based scanners’ outstanding measuring speed of up to 500,000 points per second make them many times faster than laser scanners and they can be used to scan moving objects as well as stationary ones.

Various models allow digitising of a broad range of object sizes, textures and colours.

These highly portable scanners can be used in a customer’s own lab, onsite at clients’ locations or even outside.

This type of scanner will open new possibilities for customers to use in sports, animation, fashion, medical and computer graphics applications where motion capture is needed, as well as in more traditional industries such as architecture, prototyping and manufacturing.

Creaform 3D scanners are low-cost, high-accuracy portable systems designed to scan medium to large objects.

When portability is important, these systems lend themselves to a wide range of applications in virtually any location.

They are especially well suited to reverse engineering applications of large products and models.

Automatic desktop scanning for small objects is the speciality of the 3Shape scanners.

Used mainly in the dental, hearing-aid and jewellery industries, the systems capture precise three-dimensional data quickly and easily for items up to three cubic inches.

The automatic setup speeds production of complex parts at an economical cost.

3DScanCo is happy to provide virtual demonstrations of the new lines of scanners.

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