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ITT Water and Wastewater has developed the Easylift – a versatile and portable solution to lifting from below ground.

The company said it is suitable for applications that require working over open spaces, manholes, sumps and wells.

Easylift was designed to comply with Work at Height regulations when lifting pumps and other equipment from below ground level.

The device is now claimed to be beneficial to companies with employees lifting heavy or cumbersome materials from below ground.

Easylift has a safe working load of 500kg and features fall-arrest capabilities – therefore offering a stable lifting base by allowing the load to be moved across the beam to a safe place of work.

The device is easy to set up and use, the company claimed.

The Easylift also has secure support points, located on the main beam, that are provided for the attachment of fall-arrest equipment to BSEN 360, EN 1496 Class B.

Easylift is produced from aluminium giving it strength and durability.

Its design boasts adaptable legs suitable for uneven ground and adjustment holes on the beam to shorten the footprint if required.

The product features a beam 1.6m in length which runs across the top of the two support frames housing a spirit level to ensure it is horizontal.

ITT (Advanced Water Treatment)

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