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Studer has announced that it has handed over the 100th grinding system equipped with the Easyload handling system to Josef Rees, in Wehingen, southern Germany.

Previously, Rees Zerspanungstechnik was mainly a contractor offering high-precision machining of complex turning work pieces.

With the installation of the Studer machine, the company has taken the first step towards grinding applications.

Thomas Rees from Rees Zerspanungstechnik said: ‘Combined with the Studer Easyload, the S40 universal grinding machine becomes a production machine that accounts for economic manufacturing of part series and also shines in automated operation environments.

‘On top of this, the price and the flexibility of the loading system were crucial factors that have been considered in the decision-making process.

‘The whole concept, consisting of machine and Easyload was convincing.’
There are different configurations of Easyload available.

It can be combined with the machine types S21, S31, S36, S40 and covers work pieces between 20-300mm in length.

Adjustable conveyor belts or easily interchangeable pallets allow flexibility while keeping the setup times short.

By using the Easyload, a system becomes autonomic and, simultaneously, the quality is increased by a reproducible and interruption-free loading process even for universal grinding applications.

Studer is further developing the Easyload concept so that additional machine types can be equipped for an increased work-piece spectrum.

Easyload XL is Studer’s first solution for a larger system.

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