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Vibration controllers from REO (UK) are providing solutions for the feeders of Easiweigh’s multi-lane and standalone machines.

Easiweigh, based in Worcester, specialises in the design and manufacture of custom-engineered weighing systems.

Around 90 per cent of the company’s business is for the food industry, the remainder going to the hardware market for handling small components.

All of Easyweigh’s machines employ vibrating feeder systems to transport product between feed delivery systems and weighing stations and, on many of these machines, the feeders are controlled by the REO vibration controllers.

For the food industry, Easiweigh supplies machines for many different weighing and measuring applications, including the bagging, tray filling and boxing of raw produce through to portioning cooked meal ingredients (wet and dry material).

Most of the company’s machines are for multi-lane, continuous feed lines, but it also offers units for low-volume, small-batch applications.

The machines offer accuracies determined in grams up to hundreds of kilos.

REO’s Reovib controllers are employed by Easiweigh principally for PLC-controlled multi-lane machines with more than eight lines and some standalone units.

The Reovib frequency inverters produce an output frequency independent of the mains frequency to drive vibrating feeders.

This has two benefits: first, they can be used in export applications that use 60Hz supplies to avoid the costly ‘re-tuning’ of the feeders; and second, they can be programmed on the ‘fly’ so that feed rates might be adapted readily to match different or changing requirements.

Reovib can be used for linear, bowl and hopper feeding arrangements, permitting a wide scope for potential applications.

Easiweigh is a member of the GSH Group, which specialises in product handling systems.

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