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Eaton has announced that it now offers a range of medium-voltage (MV) products for use in distribution networks, infrastructure and industrial applications at up to 24kV.

The announcement follows the launch of three products in Eaton Electrical Sector’s medium-voltage range: FMX single-busbar switchgear, W-VACi vacuum circuit breakers and Unitole UX withdrawable switchgear.

The core technologies in Eaton’s MV range include vacuum switching, which offers maintenance-free operation over a long working life, and cast resin insulation, which provides control of electric fields and eliminates the risk of open arcs.

The products provide an alternative to SF6 switchgear and, by eliminating the high maintenance requirements of SF6 equipment and the environmental issues associated with use and ultimate disposal of SF6 gas, they are claimed to offer reduced lifetime costs.

The FMX units offer metal-enclosed single-busbar solid- and air-insulated switchgear for use at up to 24kV and 2,000A.

Tested in accordance with the latest IEC 62271 standard, the FMX range is based on vacuum switching technology.

It provides compact, environmentally friendly solutions with low total cost of ownership for applications in main feeder stations and substations, as well as in industrial and infrastructure projects.

For applications where withdrawable switchgear is preferred, Eaton will be launching the Unitole UX range of switchgear with ratings up to 4,000A.

This is also compliant with IEC 62271 and offers full segregation by earthed metal partitions of all major compartments.

Products in the Unitole UX range have been specifically designed for ease of installation, to minimise maintenance requirements and to offer low environmental impact.

Unitole UX switchgear incorporates the W-VACi vacuum circuit breakers, but these can also be supplied separately for use in other equipment.

They are available in IEC 12kV, 17.5kV and 24kV versions.

The breakers are offered in fixed and withdrawable configurations, with all types using a universal mechanism assembly that combines reliability with long life and virtually maintenance-free operation.

These products join the new Xiria 24kV ring main units.

Xiria units are offered in two-, three-, four- or five-panel versions with the primary parts of the units and the mechanisms fully enclosed.

Xiria units are supplied, as standard, ready for use in fully automated networks.

Other products that make up the complete Eaton MV product range are: Magnefix insulation-enclosed 3.6kV to 1 5kV ring main units; SVS/08 and SVS/12 modular switchgear, a fully enclosed epoxy-resin insulated system with integral vacuum interrupters; and the MMS compact double busbar switchgear system.

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