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Ebalta, a developer of boards for design and model making, has announced that it has now switched to in-house production for all tooling boards with a density of more than 1kg per litre.

The improved range of boards has been tested and is now available for sale.

The company introduced the Ebaboard PW920 New – suitable for model making, core boxes, pattern plates and jigs – in the first quarter of 2010.

This new board features improved abrasion resistance as well as higher impact strength and flexural strength.

Ebalta has reduced the coefficient of linear expansion by about 22 per cent, simplifying the machining of the materials and providing greater dimensional stability.

The Ebaboard PW920 New does not contain any abrasive fillers and can be milled without the formation of any dust.

New milling parameters and recommendations for seven different types of milling cutters are available on request.

The new service concept from Ebalta also includes the additional range of Ebablock materials.

This means that the company can offer the total Ebaboard material portfolio with a density more than 1kg per litre cast to individual dimensions, according to pattern plates.

Ebalta also supplies a complete range of colour-matched adhesives, repair compounds and casting compounds for each Ebaboard and Ebablock product, with corresponding material characteristics.

Alongside Ebaboard PW920 New, the product range of materials with densities of more than 1kg per litre also includes Ebaboard LX-1, the Ebaboard 1200, the Ebaboard 140 and the Ebaboard W.

All of these products are available as Ebablock cast-to-size materials.

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