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Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) has launched oxidation reduction potential (ORP) sensors that feature a no-glass design with platinum or gold sensor tips to operate safely in demanding applications.

The cost-effective S10 and S17 sensors come with replaceable ORP cartridges that plug into a rugged 316 stainless-steel body, which incorporates the sensing element, a temperature module and a signal conditioner with cabling.

The S10 is an immersion- or insertion-style sensor, while the S17 is a valve-retractable-style sensor.

ORP refers to the tendency of a solution to gain or lose electrons when a new substance is introduced into it.

The accurate measurement of ORP is useful in the treatment of municipal drinking water and municipal wastewater, as well as in a range of industrial processes with applications in petrochemical plants, electronics and semiconductor fabrication, metals and mining, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, power generation, aquatic parks and environmental monitoring systems.

ECD’s ORP electrode cartridge features rugged Peek (polyetheretheketone) construction and measures from -2,000mV to +2,000mV over a temperature range of +23F to +176F (-5C to +80C).

The ORP sensors are available with the Sentinel option to monitor the reference electrode potential and to display measurement drift graphically and/or with a 4-20mA output, providing a predictive maintenance alert before reference electrode degradation causes problems to occur.

The S10 and S17 sensors’ replaceable electrode cartridge also can be selected to measure pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity and resistivity in addition to ORP.

Featuring construction materials selected for long life and accuracy, the cartridges provide specific solutions for demanding measurement requirements and support diverse industries with a variety of configurations and materials.

The S10 immersion- or insertion-style sensor is designed with a 0.75in (1.9cm) MNPT compression fitting as the process connection.

This construction feature allows a variable insertion length to accommodate installation in pipe tees or flow cells or through tank walls.

If the trunk fitting is reversed, the sensor can be installed in a pipe for submersion in a tank.

The S17 retractable-style sensor is designed with a 1in MNPT ball valve, a 1 x 0.75in reducer and a 0.75in MNPT compression fitting to provide the process connection.

Loosening the compression fitting allows the sensor to side freely through the ball valve for insertion either into the process or retraction from the process.

Once the sensor is retracted, the ball valve can be closed and the sensor can be removed for maintenance or replacement without shutting down the process line.

To create a complete ORP measurement system, the S10 and S17 sensors also can be integrated with ECD’s C22 analyser.

The multi-bus design enables the customisation of up to four inputs and six outputs in a 1/2 DIN Nema 4X enclosure.

Channel comparisons or measurement compensation, configurable conductivity concentration curves, the graphical display of data and PID control on the outputs or up to eight optional SPDT relays are just a few of the features available in this instrument.

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