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Turbocharger manufacturer Borg Warner has supplemented the traditional cartridge filters at its Bradford plant with magnetic filters from Eclipse Magnetics.

Its turbocharger balancing machines test turbochargers using engine oil, then machine material from a steel locknut to make corrections.

The removed steel contaminates the oil and was quickly fouling up the standard cartridge filters used to filter it.

Constantly replacing the cartridge filters was proving to be expensive and Adam Taylor, maintenance engineer at Borg Warner, believed this was an area where savings could be made.

He asked Eclipse Magnetics to assess the company’s requirements.

Eclipse Magnetics’ sales engineer said that Micromag filters would meet Borg Warner’s needs and recommended installing a Micromag MM5, the smallest magnetic filter in the company’s range, on each of the four machines.

The units were installed by Taylor, supplementing the existing filters, in less than an hour.

’The filters have helped to save us more than GBP7,000 in consumable and production downtime costs,’ said Taylor.

As a result, payback on the four filters took around three weeks.

Magnetic filters are expected to function at full efficiency for, at least, a couple of decades.

Taylor has also asked Eclipse Magnetics to look into another problem: removing ferrous particulate from waste coolant water so that it could be disposed of more cheaply and easily.

The coolant consists of soluble oil mixed with water.

After use, the oil and water are separated, for recycling and disposal respectively, but the presence of ferrous particulates in the otherwise clean water meant that disposal was expensive.

A Micromag MM10 magnetic filter provided the solution.

The contaminated water is pumped through the Micromag, before reaching the expensive membrane filter tubes, where the particulates are removed with no consumables used and no running costs.

Taylor found that magnetic filtration fulfilled both cost requirements and Borg Warner’s environmental responsibilities.

Magnetic filters can prove effective in all applications where ferrous, paramagnetic or grinding medium contamination affects coolants, lubricants, fuels and other industrial fluids.

Eclipse Magnetics supplies a range of ex-stock filters to cover most uses, from the compact, manually cleaned Micromag to the fully automatic, self-cleaning Autofiltrex.

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