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Ecliptek has added the EMVA12 (2.5VDC) series and EMVA13 (3.3VDC) series of voltage-controlled MEMS oscillators (VCMOs) to its frequency control product line.

Utilising a MEMS resonator and oscillator technology, Ecliptek claims that it can ship the new VCMOs in days as compared to the longer lead times associated with traditional VCXO devices.

These new RoHS-compliant, 5 x 7mm, four-pad, surface-mount, low-profile VCMO devices can be delivered in frequencies up to 106.25MHz.

Various configurations are available, including frequency stability as low as +/-50ppm maximum, commercial and industrial operating temperature ranges, 30,000G shock resistance and 50 +/-5(per cent) duty cycle.

The EMVA12 and EMVA13 VCMOs offer absolute pull range performance to +/-100ppm, reduced phase noise and excellent RMS phase-jitter performance, according to the company.

The VCMOs provide a low-jitter, low-phase-noise source suitable for high-performance applications, such as digital subscriber line (ADSL and HDSL), customer premise equipment (CPE), hybrid fibre coax (HFC), cable modems and Sonet/ATM/SDH equipment.

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