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Bluecielo ECM Solutions has released Meridian Enterprise 2010, its latest engineering content management (ECM) solution for owner and operators primarily within the process and power industries.

Bluecielo Meridian Enterprise provides powerful asset information management functionality to companies mainly within the process and power industries looking to optimise plant safety, economic efficiency and regulatory compliance.

The company’s solutions are intended to optimise business processes in which engineering data is crucial, with a focus on the entire management-of-change process, collaboration with contractors and suppliers and providing as-built technical documentation to operations and maintenance.

The Bluecielo Meridian Enterprise 2010 release provides enhanced functionality in practically every aspect of its asset information management capabilities.

Features include a new user interface and improved usability.

Access to the Meridian Enterprise environment through Microsoft Sharepoint is now possible, alongside the traditional access method (through the Microsoft Windows client or the web client).

The 2010 release of Bluecielo Meridian Enterprise supports the latest versions of authoring applications, such as Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Microstation and Solidworks.

Further improvements in Bluecielo Meridian Enterprise 2010 include Explorer scopes, where the user has a specific scope to the vault content and only specific data and menu options applicable for that scope are available, depending on the access rights of the user.

Scopes can be created for the archive, project environment or master data.

Other enhancements include: a search related to Explorer scopes, supporting look-up lists and filtering; support for Autovue 20, including the support of hotspots (hyperlinks with additional functionality); a new read-only web client; and enhanced reporting functionality.

The following modules, which can be added to expand specific functionality in Bluecielo Meridian Enterprise, are available with this release: Bluecielo Email Management Module 2010; Bluecielo Asset Management Module 2009a SP1; Bluecielo Transmittal Management Module 2010; Bluecielo Advanced Project Workflow Module 2010; and Bluecielo Publisher Module 2009a SP1.

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