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Eco FS has developed non-VOC (volatile organic compound) replacements for trichloroethylene, formulated by John Neale.

These developments include a solvent-recycling process that is up to five times more energy efficient than hermetically sealed (totally enclosed) vapour degreasers.

Eco FS has also developed a novel drying technique that ensures a level of cleanliness that has matched the performance of trichloroethylene and in some cases outperformed it.

Russell Lloyd and business partner Andrew Allison are working with the largest user of trichloroethylene in the UK, a stainless steel and nickel alloy tube manufacturer in the south west of England.

Eco FS provides a consultancy service and designs, installs and commissions equipment to reduce the harmful solvent emissions.

Eco FS products are designed to ensure 100 per cent conformity to the Solvent Emissions Directive (part of IPPC – Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) and the more recent Reach legislation.

Lloyd and Allison, both University of Plymouth mechanical engineering graduates, have developed a filtration system that uses membrane separation technology to separate solvents from a liquid, enabling the solvent to be reused for a sustainable length of time.

They are confident that their idea has the potential to be used on an international scale and are already talking to businesses in the UK, Europe and the US about their product’s potential to save money and cut global emissions.

Eco FS, which started in May 2008, aims to become a major player in the global fight against climate change and was the first company to move into Launch Pad, based at Tamar Science Park’s Phase 4 development, which has been designed to encourage and support the creation of new knowledge-based businesses.

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