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The Eco-Solids process from Eco-Solids is a continuous stabilisation process for treating all types of sewage sludge, including those that contain a proportion of surplus/secondary activated sludge.

The process produces an enhanced treated biosolid and income-generating product (which exceeds European and US regulatory requirements), but results in significant reductions in sludge volume, volatile solids (VS), total nitrogen and water-extractable phosphates.

Complete inactivation of microbial activity is also achieved, as well as an improved percentage of solids of the product.

The small-footprint Eco Solids process is already used in the US and is readily adaptable to any operating sequence, commensurate with the dewatering cycle and availability of cake from centrifuges or belt presses.

Individual systems, including mobile units, can be tailored to meet specific requirements at each site and can include dewatering equipment.

From sludge volumes ranging from 2,500kg/hr up to 10,000kg/hr (wet cake), a single Eco-Solids process unit ensures that a proportion of the treated material is recycled back into the feed hopper along with the other raw materials at the start of the process.

Recycling increases the temperature of the raw feed material and can reduce the amount of calcium oxide required in the process, which in turn means lower operating costs compared with conventional lime-based processes.

The result at the end of the process is a non-malodorous enhanced treated (Class A/EQ) biosolid called Eco-Solid, which is placed into a container for disposal off-site.

Being highly stable and low in odour, the Eco-Solid product does not require silo storage, giving further Capex savings for the overall scheme.


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