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Geo Kingsbury Machine Tools will introduce Durr Ecoclean’s Ecocmax single-chamber aqueous system at Surface World 2009.

It is a three-stage cleaning and degreasing process, including hot-air drying, that takes place under vacuum in a stainless-steel work chamber.

Baskets of components weighing up to 150kg are loaded manually or automatically from the front.

The cleaning program can be adjusted to accommodate a range of workpiece contamination from removal of heavy soil through to fine cleaning.

This means Ecocmax can be adjusted easily if different parts need to be processed, if there is an alteration in the degree or type of soiling, or if a higher standard of cleanliness is required.

This is achieved through flexible application of spray washing, injection flood washing and ultrasonic cleaning, individually or in combination.

Furthermore, treatment of the cleaning fluid is consistently high.

Full-flow filtration during filling and emptying of the chambers, along with continual high-flow-rate bypass filtration for the flood tanks, ensure stable wash quality and thus reliable cleaning results.

Another new introduction at the show, intended for fine and ultra-fine cleaning, will be Durr Ecoclean’s EcoCO2.

This process uses carbon dioxide in its supercritical state to treat small parts of complex geometry.

It produces outstanding results in medical, nano and semiconductor applications, for example efficiently cleaning and drying component surfaces.

Used at the appropriate temperature and pressure, CO2 exhibits optimum oil-dissolving properties.

Unlike conventional ‘snow jet’ cleaning systems in which CO2 is converted into solid ice-crystals that act as a blasting medium, the EcoCO2 uses carbon dioxide in its liquid and supercritical states.

Foreign matter removed from the component is separated from the CO2.

No residue of the cleaning agent remains on the processed part, which emerges from the machine at room temperature.

Durr Ecoclean will present its Minio 85C non-halogenated, hydrocarbon-based washing machine at the show.

A used model of the machine will be available at a reduced price.

The machine, which has a compact 1 x 2.65m footprint, allows safe and economical use of solvents for removing oil, grease and swarf between or after production processes.

Small factories with low production capacities as well as large-scale plants with decentralised cleaning stations can benefit from the technology.

Many program variants with immersion, vapour degreasing and vacuum drying ensure efficient cleaning to suit a variety of applications.

Durr Ecoclean specialises in bespoke systems for precision cleaning of parts that require residual particle sizes in the single-digit micron range.

Customers can therefore obtain from a single source a much wider range of solutions for cleaning industrial parts.

Systems using all media are offered, including aqueous, chlorinated solvents, hydrocarbons and polar solvents.

The scope of the collaboration extends from sales through to technology exchange and joint development of new cleaning equipment.

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