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Ecopac Power has released its ECO-365 series, an open-frame ultra-high-density power supply with 19W/in power density in a 3in x 5in footprint.

The ECO-365 series is a compact and low-profile, medically approved 365W AC/DC power supply that is suitable for applications and designs where space is at a premium.

It provides up to 365W with 400 LFM cooling and 200W with convection cooling.

The ECO-365 series has a built-in active PFC function and a 12V auxiliary fan output with an additional 5V stand by, operating from -20C to 50C at full load.

Protections include over-temperature, over current and over-voltage, meeting EN60601-1 and ITE EN60950-1 safety standards.

The ECO-160 series is medically approved and meets VDE approval, which is essential for distributing power supplies into Europe.

VDE is the German regulatory agency that tests power supplies to the specific safety and performance standards required in Germany.

Ecopac Power

Ecopac Power offers the UK’s largest range of AC/DC power supplies, from 1–9,000W. Many of our power products are world firsts, providing a large variety of mechanical formats including external to open frame, DIN Rail to battery chargers, DC/DC converters to DC-AC inverters, chassis mount, PCB mount, encapsulated, and rack mounted.

With our extensive range of Ecopac Power DC/DC converters from 1–40 watts, we can offer you the choice of regulated or unregulated, standard or high isolation, standard or extra wide input voltages, all in industry standard formats in plastic or metal packages.

Ecopac Power Ltd supplies over 3,000 different Mean Well AC/DC power supplies. Our objective is to continue to offer excellent products with outstanding value for money. Established 14 years ago, Ecopac Power Ltd is the largest Mean Well distributor in the UK with an unrivalled reputation for service, technical backup, stock and delivery.

Product applications that use Ecopac Power include: lighting, telecomms, control systems, medical, military, audio/visual industry, broadcasting, networking, security and automation.

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