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Ecoscentric has launched Ecospro-Securesockets, a certified port of the OpenSSL toolkit, adapted for deeply embedded applications using Ecos^.

Ecospro-Securesockets is based on OpenSSL v1.0.0a, the most recent release of the toolkit.

Ecoscentric has applied Ecos’s configuration system to the port to allow developers to tune the toolkit’s array of ciphers, cryptographic functions and utilities to the constraints of optimised hardware.

Sample profiles are supplied for a range of system configurations and representative hardware.

Developers can take advantage of Ecospro’s RAM and ROM filing systems for temporary and static files, or make use of whatever other file systems have already been chosen for the application, which could be mounted on supported removable media such as SDHC.

In addition to utilising true Random Number Generators, Ecoscentric provides callouts for developers to supply their own sources of entropy from custom modules and hardware blocks.

Ecospro-Securesockets has been designed to be fully thread-safe.

Ecospro-Securesockets is designed as a direct upgrade to Ecospro^ Developer’s Kits and is fully integrated with the Ecos package administration tools.

Ecoscentric’s consulting services are also available to help review designs, recommend best practice and design security into new projects.


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