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Schneider Electric has launched its Ecostruxure solution architecture for customers seeking to optimise energy efficiencies across multiple domains of their business.

Ecostruxure is based on a portfolio of purpose-specific applications in five domains.

The first of these is the complete power-management of facilities, plant and large sites operations that enables efficient, safe and reliable electrical distribution.

Second, Infrastruxure architecture for datacentres uses a modular, scalable approach to optimise power and cooling utilisation and mitigate inefficiencies from overbuilding.

Third, automation solutions are dedicated to industrial and infrastructure companies or machine builders with a focus on flexibility, scalability, performance and ease of use.

Fourth, management solutions focus on reducing installation and operational costs, while enhancing end users’ comfort through real-time temperature, lighting and shutters control.

And finally, architectures include Pelco by Schneider Electric, with technology in access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance to minimise costs and efficiency losses from unplanned downtime, while providing comprehensive risk analysis.

Ecostruxure is able to connect these domains within an open and flexible ecosystem of technology that relies on the use of IP and web services, allowing purpose-specific applications to connect whenever needed.

With Ecostruxure, businesses can anticipate better results and improvements in operations through systematic energy visibility and real-time control of energy usage.

It is also possible, for example, to embed video surveillance in any applications, enhancing safety while cutting operating costs.

Energy waste in all forms can be captured and mitigated to achieve improved efficiency.

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