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EDA Systems and ZWSoft have announced the release of ZWCAD 2011 Beta software for global testing with the ZWCAD 2011 free upgrade programme.

In the 2011 version of the multilingual CAD software, ZWSoft introduces parametric design for simplified drawing and easy revisions and parametric drawing with two styles of parametric (geometric and dimensional) constraints that allow associative design and editing of objects, which will redefine the way users design in 2D by improving accuracy and editing time.

There are also a number of new drawing tools, such as Table, Field, MLeader, PDF Plotter and Solprof.

PDF Plotter can be used to convert drawings directly into PDF format.

Solprof can create 2D images of models and reduces the time it takes to convert models into 2D drawing format.

Table functionality creates tables with the power and functionality of those created with Microsoft Excel, ZWSoft said.

Users can import existing data from Microsoft Excel to ZWCAD table or export the data from ZWCAD table to Microsoft Excel file.

MLeader can help to create MLeader objects to label different objects used with more control and flexibility.

A leader object can be placed in two different ways – content first or head first – and define the style so multiple leaders are consistent throughout the drawing.

Field is an updatable text that displays data that may change during the lifecycle of the drawing.

With these new functionalities, ZWCAD can make users’ work more productive.

Other tools include Snap, Refedit, Raster Image, Dimension Break and Online Help.

Snap has gained a new enhancement (Magnet) to increase the efficiency for click and snap designing.

With object highlight, when the cursor rolls over objects, those that are meant to be selected are highlighted to help the user select precisely, which is useful when dealing with complex drawing.

Dimension Break provides a visual enhancement to drawing views by removing sections of dimension lines where they intersect object lines.

Refedit has been reconstructed to enhance and improve the function.

The speed of inserting raster images has been improved.

ZWCAD 2011 is now supported by Online Help (currently available in four languages: simplified and traditional Chinese, English and Japanese) with real-time updates and online tutorials.

EDA Systems is an independent UK-based company providing CAD software applications and services to companies throughout the UK and Ireland.

We provide ZWCAD as an affordable and powerful software solution for 2D/3D designers who need full DWG native file format compatibility. ZWCAD is meeting the needs of the 2D/3D design and drafting industry and is used in over 75 countries by over 150,000 users — in industries including architecture, engineering, construction (AEC), mechanical, manufacturing, electronics: anyone who creates or uses CAD drawings.

To support the installation and deployment of software applications EDA Systems provides a range of services, including installation support, CAD training, CAD design services and bespoke application development.

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