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Edbro, a hydraulic truck-tipping hoist and waste management equipment specialist, has launched a telescopic arm skip-loader and a lightweight hook-lift system, suitable for waste-handing applications.

Both the MB14T telescopic arm skip-loader and the TH23 power hook are intended to meet modern requirements for increased productivity, optimum chassis utilisation and maximum safety.

The MB14T provides a lift capacity of up to 14 tonnes, while the TH23 provides a lift capacity up to 23 tonnes.

Both offer a fast lift-off facility to reduce the lifting cycle.

Designed for use with 18-tonne 23 GVW chassis, the MB14T telescopic arm skip-loader provides a lift capacity of up to 14 tonnes.

Lightweight and fast operating, the MB14T skip-loader provides side- and front-adjustable bin stops, giving it the flexibility to accommodate container sizes from 3.82m3 to 12.23m3 capacities and base lengths from 1.83m to 2.31m.

It offers independent and sequence arm control for increased flexibility in operation.

The compact, robust rear-end design offers maximum protection for rear-light clusters, increasing equipment durability in arduous and challenging waste-handling operations.

For increased stability on uneven ground, the MB14T features independent jack legs and both pivoted flat-foot and roller options are available.

Operator safety is ensured through a range of protection features, including dead-man control for increased driver safety.

The skip-loader offers simple servicing, meaning that users can be assured of ultimate long-term profitability throughout the lifetime of the equipment, according to Edbro.

The TH23 power hook is a lightweight hook-lift system designed for use with up to 32-tonne GVW chassis.

Weighing in at 2,980kg, the lightweight design gives a high power-to-weight ratio, with the TH23 providing a maximum lift capacity of up to 23 tonnes and a maximum tipping angle of 46deg.

The fast lift facility reduces the lift cycle by as much as 33 per cent compared with conventional equipment, increasing overall productivity.

The TH23 has been designed utilising fewer moving components than typical alternatives, thus increasing reliability, minimising downtime and simplifying servicing.

The power hook is constructed from high-strength steel to give the optimum combination of high durability and low weight.

Large rear rollers ensure safe and accurate bin guiding, while the hook profile eliminates the possibility of bin dismount during operation.

For increased safety, the fully interlocked design prevents misuse or out-of-sequence operation and an in-cab warning system maximises operator safety.

High-performance accessories are available to complement and enhance the range of Edbro waste-handing equipment, further optimising operational productivity and safety.

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