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Edbro’s CX14 lightweight tipping gear combined with an Aliweld Highsider aluminium tipper body is enabling W Rolls Transport to realise extra capacity from its 20-tonne payload eight-wheel vehicle.

This has contributed to making longer distance and larger haulage jobs more commercially competitive.

‘Long-distance bulk haulage is a specialised business and you need the right rig in order to maximise payload and offer competitive rates while remaining profitable,’ said John Bartlett, owner of W Rolls.

‘Lots of specialist hauliers will only deliver locally, or offer a competitive rate on short distances.

‘But we specialise in reaching anywhere in the UK 24/7, so the trucks and the tipping equipment that we use all have to be able to operate reliably over longer distances,’ he added.

W Rolls has established a specialisation in moving low-density materials, such as woodchip and all-weather equestrian surfaces.

However, the issue with these materials is that they take up a lot of physical space.

This requirement meant that when Bartlett needed another 20-tonne payload long-distance tipper truck to add to his fleet, his specification was for a high-sided tipper that also offered strength, light weight and durability.

Aliweld was able to satisfy all of these requirements with one of its Highsider bodies: a 7ft 3in unit with 40m3 capacity.

Hand welded and designed with a number of side ribs to give strength, the Highsider is a lightweight bulk volume truck body.

The added strength of the Highsider design means the body can also be used for more conventional materials, when not being used for low-density payloads.

Therefore, W Rolls has the flexibility to carry other heavy, but not overly aggressive materials, such as grain, simply by filling the body to its 20t payload and leaving space on the truck.

As the Aliweld design is so light, there is no penalty from running without a full load, in terms of bulk.

Aliweld uses Edbro CX14 tipping cylinders to ensure that the light weight of its truck bodies is not cancelled out by heavy tipping gear.

Bartlett actually specified the Edbro cylinder, agreeing with the body builder that the Edbro CX14 was the right tipping gear for his new eight-wheeler vehicle.

The Edbro cylinder is designed to drive overall chassis weight down, thus increasing the potential payload of the vehicle to which it is fitted.

This benefit has been calculated to increase operator payload and profitability by more than GBP8,000 over the lifetime of a chassis.

The Aliweld Highsider body and its Edbro tipping gear are mounted on a Renault 8×4.

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